The Tri-Murti could not concentrate while meditating, the Tri-Devis too faced trouble in doing there work. Everything was getting disturbed in the Vaikuntha, Brahmalok, and especially in Kailash. Someone was yearning for justice. Yes, it was the head of Vinayaka, the son of Mata Gauri whose head of cut off by his own father and was later replaced by an elephant’s head. But what was his fault in it, he was just obeying his mother’s orders. He was an idol son who became the victim of his father’s anger without any fault. Mata Gauri got her son back with an elephant’s head but what about Vinayaka who was separated from his body? Vinayaka was yearning for justice hence, he went to Shani Dev, the lord of KARMA and justice, and cried in front of him. “Oh dear lord of justice, I want justice. The world now knows Ganesha but what about me? I lost my everything without any fault.” Shani Dev was also very well aware of what had happened with innocent Vinayaka hence, he requested the Tri-Murti to pay a visit to Vinayaka and listen to him. “Oh dear Vinayaka justice would be served to you,” said the Tri-Murti as they appeared before him with Lord Ganesha. “Oh dear Vinayaka since Ganesha is the Vighn Harta, you would be the Vighn Karta. You will add obstacles to the paths of people with ego, arrogance, bad karma, selfish reasons, etc. You will create problems for them to bring them on the right path. It would be you who would make them realize their mistakes” said Narayan. “You and Ganesha are one. You will add Vighn to whatever these kinda people do and after realizing their mistakes, they would pray to Vighn Harta but Vighn Harta will only remove obstacles from the paths of the people whom he thinks are completely changed and have become pure from both inside and outside” said Mahadeva. “But oh dear Vinayaka, your identity would be hidden. People will only know Ganesha as the Vighn Harta and Vighn Karta for you both are one” said Brahmadeva. Vinayaka happily agreed to them and accepted his job. Since then, both Vighn Karta and Vighn Harta started doing their jobs respectively. Vighn Karta creates problems in one’s life to bring them to the right path and once, the person comes on the right path, Vighn Harta removes obstacles from their paths and guides them to their goals.
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