While listening to the tales of Lord Shiva, Parvati, and their kids Kartikey, Ashok Sundari, and Ganesha. We have always wondered about the birth of these three precious gems of Shiv-Shakti. Why didn’t goddess Parvati gave birth to them like other women? Why didn’t she carried them in her womb for nine months as other women do? It is not that she is a goddess hence she cannot become pregnant. Even goddess Lakshmi and Ksheera (the goddess of milk) too became pregnant with their kids Kama Dev, Amaravalli, Sundaravalli, and Naag Kanya Sulochana. But why didn’t she? It is all because of the curse she got from Goddess Lakshmi! As we know that Goddess Gauri tried several methods to win Lord Shiva’s heart before their marriage. But every time she failed. As Gauri was truly devoted towards Shiv from all her body, heart, and soul, all the gods and goddesses decided to help her win Shiva’s heart. But Lord Shiva always found Gauri as an irritating person who was just after him. Hence, to get rid of her, he decided to go on for meditation. As Lord Shiva went on for meditation, Gauri’s anxiety increased. She decided to seek Narayan’s help. According to Hindu Mythology it is the most challenging task to impress Lord Vishnu. Lord Shiva and Brahma can be pleased easily but Narayan cannot. But seeing Parvati’s tough penance, he decided to help her out. He told his son Kama Dev (the god of love and sexual desire) to shoot with his sugarcane bow and floral arrow and break Lord Shiva’s penance. Kama Dev obeyed his father’s orders and sacrificed his life as Lord Shiva’s third eye burnt him to ashes. Goddess Lakshmi could not bare the demise of her only son and fired up in anger, she cursed Parvati that she would never be able to become pregnant as she was the reason why her son had to sacrifice her life. Parvati accepted goddess Lakshmi’s curse as she knew it was goddess Lakshmi who gave the curse but, it was the mother of Kama Dev. A woman can bear anything but never the loss of her child! Goddess Lakshmi went into severe depression. She got angry with her husband and all the gods and goddesses and decided to leave Vaikuntha. There is nothing without Lakshmi. Vaikuntha lost its charms, the devas and swarga lost its wealth and prosperity. It was important to calm down Lakshmi’s anger and it was only Narayan who could do this! He went to Lakshmi and told her that their son only left his mortal body. His soul was still alive and he shall take re-incarnations. He shall be born by her womb only. In Treta Yug as Luv- the eldest son of Ram and Sita and in Dwapar Yug as Pradyumna- the eldest son of Krishna- Rukmini. A lamp of hope rose in Lakshmi’s heart that once again she could hold her son in her arms, cuddle with him, sing lullabies for him, feed him with her own hands. Now all she wanted was time to pass as soon as possible so that she could again re-unite with her son.
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