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Shubhi Agarwal, born on 29th January 2004, belongs to a renowned family in Kanpur (UP). She is an overly loved and pampered child yet deeply set and inculcated moral values. She is a girl full of life and loves to enjoy her life like there is no tomorrow ahead.

Shubhi has always had an innate love for spirituality, writing, blogging, content creating, poetry and discussing about mental health that she pursues in her free time, and even though she is very young, she extensively researches about what religion signifies. Shubhi was just 14years old when she began writing her first book Lakshmila- The Eternal Love Story and by the age of 15, she started up with her own freelance company SA Writing Services where in she takes up contracts related to content writing and editing. Having read almost every version of Ramayan present in this world including the Purans till now, she is well-versed with facts about them.  She is also a well known instagram poet. She posts poetrys related to mental health and relationships on her instagram profile https://www.instagram.com/shubhi.agarwal29/ 

She is also a Wikipedia editor and a national level debater and have won several medals for the same.


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