Ram, Lakshman, Bharath and Shatrughan’s palaces names were kept after their wife’s interest.

Like Sita liked gold and golden colour so, the name of Ram’s palace was kept Kanak Bhawan.

Kanak Bhawan is still present in Ayodhya

These are some exclusive pictures of Kanak Bhawan

Urmila liked pearls and the colour of the sea so, Lakshman’s palace name was kept Moti Bhawan.

Moti Bhawan is still present in Ayodhya but now, it is called Lakshman Kila

Exclusive pictures of Lakshman Kila

Mandvi was fond of mirrors so Bharath’s palace name was kept Sheesh Bhawan.

Shrutakeerti loved lotus so, Shatrughan’s palace name was kept Kamala Bhawan.

Sheesh Bhawan and Kamala Bhawan are no more in Ayodhya. They were destroyed long time ago.

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